Share stuff with friends

Lendogram was a mobile lending and borrowing marketplace for friends.
Our goal was to make sharing easier than buying.

We found out friends break stuff... and friends don't want to pay for what they borrow or break...
So we removed the App from App store and kept our friends :)

How it Works

Lendogram is easy and intuitive to use
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Add your stuff

Snap a picture of what you want to share and add it to your inventory

Share with friends

Share your items or Send a request to borrow something from a friend

Enable automatic reminders

Send and receive automatic reminders to return stuff on time

Available Items

There are hundreds of items available on the Lendogram platform.
Discover what's available in your network.

Kids Gear and Toys

Share kids gear that they quickly outgrow

Hobby Supplies

Try it first before investing money in a hobby


Keep track of books you share with friends

Household items

Share your juicer or breadmaker

Home Improvement and Tools

Ladders and drills are rarely used. Share them!

Party and Holiday Planning

Plan ahead and borrow what you need for a great party


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